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If You Want To Try Out YouTube Premium’s Features For Free. Then, you should use YouTube Pro APK, which has more features than regular YouTube.

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Youtube Pro

YouTube Pro APK is a modified version of the regular YouTube app. The mod app has fantastic features you won’t find on regular YouTube. Ad-free video streaming, Background Play, Swipe Control, and many other features are available. So, if you want to use the features of YouTube Pro, you must first download it to your device.

When you’re bored, you always reach for your phone. Then, on your smartphone, you go to your social media apps. These social media apps are classified as either stress relievers or complete entertainers. YouTube is also a very useful social media app. YouTube has a lot of content that you can watch.

There are numerous videos available on various topics. So, with the help of YouTube, you can find or learn about anything. However, YouTube’s features have disappointed users. Users have praised the app, but some features have disappointed them. Ads appearing in the middle of the video, inability to play the video in the background, and other issues. However, if you want these features, subscribe to YouTube Premium and pay a fee. You may have considered YouTube, which has all those features but is free. It is now confirmed, as YouTube Pro has arrived.

YouTube Pro APK is a modified version of YouTube that includes more features than YouTube and YouTube Premium. This app’s features will astound you. However, because the app is unavailable on the Play Store, you must download it from a third-party website. Download YouTube Pro APK and discover YouTube’s other side.

What is YouTube Pro APK?

YouTube Pro is a completely updated and modified version of the well-known video-sharing website that offers exciting new features not found in the official YouTube app. With its sleek, dark theme, YouTube Pro offers a new, more interesting viewing experience. With the option to block ads and enable background play, you can say goodbye to annoying ads and hello to uninterrupted video streaming. Additionally, you can access premium features and a whole lot more.

The best part, though? YouTube Pro is a dependable and practical substitute for YouTube Vanced because it is constantly updated. What are you still holding out for? Improve your video watching by downloading the YouTube Pro APK right away.

There are numerous YouTube modifications available online. But among the best-modified YouTube versions is YouTube Pro. If you download this app, you are not required to subscribe to any premium YouTube plans.

This app has all the premium features, making them even better. Features like not having to see any ads while watching videos, not having sponsorship or promotional banners on the app, being able to play videos on your device while doing other things, and swipe controls for brightness and volume are just a few examples. Download YouTube Pro APK and have fun.

There are many reasons why YouTube Pro APK was created right now. The leading cause was advertising. As you are aware, the original YouTube app now has a significantly higher number of ads, causing user issues. You would have to wait 20 to 40 seconds for the advertisement to end each time you tried to watch a video. The user’s ability to watch videos could be improved as a result. As a result, many of our members select your YouTube Pro APK. With NO ADS, it enables you to enjoy watching videos in the same way as the original YouTube app.

When using the standard YouTube, you might experience various issues, such as interruption from numerous ads and the absence of a download option. However, YouTube Pro APK v21.00 fixes this issue. All of the features of YouTube Premium, including blocking ads, playing videos while minimizing YouTube, downloading songs and videos, and much more, are included in our most recent version of the YouTube Pro APK.

Features of YouTube Pro Apk

Download Videos

You read that correctly: you can easily download any video you want. These features will never be provided for free by the official YouTube. A download button will be delivered directly below the playing video. Click the download button and save the video you want. The video you downloaded will be saved in the device gallery. There is no need for a third-party app to download any video.

Ad-free Streaming Experience

When you use an official YouTube application, advertisements are very annoying. There is no way around having to view those annoying advertisements. You can avoid wasting time on those annoying ads by downloading YouTube Pro and enjoying ad-free viewing. Thanks to our ad-blocking feature, you can access a special ad-free video streaming experience.

Do you tire of annoying ads playing during your favourite YouTube videos? You can put an end to those annoying interruptions with YT Pro. Our ad-blocking technology guarantees a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience free of interruptions.

Play In Background

Everyone knows this premium YouTube feature can only be accessed by purchasing a subscription. You can use this feature for nothing in the most recent version of YouTube Pro. The video can be playing in the background while doing anything personal. So, while playing a video, you can open a small window and use another app. 

Are you a multitasking multitasker with a busy schedule? With the help of our ground-breaking feature, Background Play, you can do this without being disturbed. YT Pro offers this feature for free, unlike the official YouTube, where you must purchase a premium subscription to use it. We also provide Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode, which enables you to watch videos while completing other tasks. You can easily switch between work and entertainment with YT Pro, increasing your output.v

Premium Badge

A premium badge will appear at the top of the application’s UI. This premium badge will elevate the look of your YouTube pro. It will have the appearance of the official YouTube Premium app. This app’s user interface will make it easier to use. Download the Yt Pro app now to access YouTube’s premium features.

We’re all aware that YouTube is notorious for its advertisements, which can be annoying when they interrupt our viewing experience. To block ads on YouTube, you must purchase YouTube Premium, which can be expensive. However, with YT Pro, you can access all the premium features without paying a dime. When you log in to your YouTube account, you’ll see a “YouTube Premium” badge on the left side of the header, indicating that you have access to all of the premium features.

Sponsor Block

Aside from ads, people have issues when the creator creates sponsor ads that users must watch. The latest feature of the Yt Pro app is the ability to block the sponsor video. You can now skip the creator’s ads with a single click. Select the skip sponsor option to bypass the ads. The sponsored content will never ruin your video viewing experience. Your video will be played without any advertisements.

It is now common for YouTube creators to include sponsored clips in their videos. However, not knowing when these clips will appear and having them interrupt the video flow can be frustrating. You no longer have to worry about sponsored content ruining your viewing experience with the Youtube Pro apk. The app automatically removes sponsored clips, allowing you to continue uninterrupted streaming. Be sure to download the YT Pro apk and enjoy ad-free streaming today!

Enable Dislike Button

You now have complete control over your viewing experience because if you don’t like the video, you can quickly dislike it using the dislike button. You have complete control over whether or not to watch the video. When you are dissatisfied with a video, dislike it, and it will no longer irritate you.

Prepare to take complete control of your YouTube experience with YouTube Pro! With this app, you can now see the number of dislikes on any video and decide whether or not to watch it. That’s right, no more clicking on videos blindly only to be let down by the content. YouTube Pro allows you to experience YouTube like never before.

Disable Youtube Shorts

After the great success of TikTok, all the other famous social media came with their short videos like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Watching these videos will be more time-consuming and will waste your precious time. Many people don’t even realize how much time they waste watching YouTube shorts. Youtube Pro provides you with a feature to hide or disable the YouTube Shorts so that you can consume your precious time on other productive stuff.

Login Available with MicoG

One of the most important aspects of YouTube Pro and its many other features is its seamless integration with your existing YouTube account. You can migrate all of your YouTube data to YouTube Pro and continue to watch videos from accounts you’ve subscribed to by logging in with your YouTube credentials. While you can use the app without logging in, I recommend installing MicroG alongside YouTube Pro to take advantage of its incredible features.

YouTube Pro APK

How does this App work?

Download YouTube Pro APK

Click on the Download button and download the YouTube Pro APK

Install YouTube Pro APK

Install the modded application on your device.


Enjoy the app with amazing mod features.

How to download and install YouTube Pro apk latest version?

  • First, go to the download link and download YouTube Pro and MicroG on your device.
  • Wait for the downloading to be completed.
  • Now go to Settings>Security> Allow Unknown Sources and enable it
  • Now tap on the downloaded file and click on the Install button
  • Now click on the Open button as shown in the below image
  • Also, repeat the above steps and install MicroG on your device.


Is YouTube Pro the best YouTube mod?

Every modded YouTube version is the best. As a result, YouTube Pro is an excellent mod version of YouTube. YouTube Pro is clearly the best mod version of YouTube.

What is YouTube Pro?

YouTube Pro is a modified version of YouTube with many distinct features. Ad-free entertainment, no third-party banners, background play, and so on.

Is it safe to use YouTube Pro?

Yes, YouTube Pro is a highly secure application. As a result, you can use the app without concern.

Does the YouTube Pro support ads?

No, the YouTube Pro app did not support advertisements. There will be no interruptions while you are watching a video.


One of the most valuable applications for users is YouTube. YouTube assists us in various situations and serves as a friend in times of need. You can enjoy yourself by watching your favourite YouTube videos. However, if you want to learn more about YouTube, you must download the modded version of the app, which is more valuable than the original version.

You will enjoy some of YouTube’s great features that require payment. However, you can try out all of those features for free. Features such as ad-free videos, background play, sponsor Block, swipe controls, restricted video playback, and many more are available. You must first install the app on your device to use those features. The app is unavailable on the Google Play Store and must be obtained through third-party websites. Download Youtube Pro and have fun.

We hope using our Youtube Pro APK will give our readers the best video-viewing experience possible. We hope you have the best video viewing experience, free of ad interruptions. We ask for your help and ask that you share our Youtube Pro Apk with your friends and family. As you can see, this mod apk is completely free, so we can only provide you with more Modded applications if you love and support us. Thank you very much, and have a nice day. 

This is all of the information we have about YouTube Pro. This app is designed for watching videos. You can easily access YouTube’s premium features without signing up for a subscription. This app is free for all users, and they can watch whatever they want without being interrupted by advertisements. You are more secure when you download Youtube Pro from the link provided on our official site.